Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is upgrading our legacy SAP R/3 procure-to-pay system to SAP Ariba. On October 1, 2021 we will begin using the SAP Ariba Contracts and Buying and Invoicing modules. As a result, purchase orders from ORNL will look different and they will be delivered to you via the Ariba Network.

Migration of Existing Subcontracts / New Subcontract Numbers

As part of the upgrade process, existing subcontracts will migrate to the new Ariba system and be assigned a new purchase order number (funding document). The agreed upon prices, period of performance, and terms will remain in effect, and the new purchase order will cross reference to the previous purchase order/subcontract number. After Oct. 1, 2021 you should invoice against the new SAP Ariba purchase order number. Your Procurement Officer, identified on your original subcontract, will remain your point of contact for this subcontract transition. Please reach out to this individual with any comments, questions, or concerns.

Supplier Registration

All suppliers are required to register with Ariba. Without an Ariba account, suppliers will not be able to receive modifications or specific documents associated with their purchase orders/subcontracts. Please contact your Procurement Officer as soon as possible to complete your registration.

Our Commitment to You

We understand that with a new system implementation, unforeseen incidents may occur. Please know that we will work with your billing department to resolve any issues that arise. We truly value our relationship with your company and look forward to our continued partnership.

Contracts Division

This site has been designed for use by both ORNL staffers and the public (including subcontractors and those interested in becoming subcontractors to ORNL). To find out more about us, please follow the provided links. If you are a subcontractor, we especially urge you to check the “Electronic Funds Transfer” link. EFT helps us pay you faster.

The Contracts Division includes various purchasing groups and a group responsible for policies, procedures, records, reports, and compliance.

Most Contracts employees are located at 1100 Bethel Valley Road; others are co-located with their customers at the lab, the SNS group is at the CLO building, and the ITER group is located at 1055 Commerce Park.

ORNL is one of DOE’s largest and most diverse research and development organizations. In support of the Lab’s programs, we subcontract for a wide variety of products and services. Our total annual expenditures are approximately $876.9 million. We purchase calculators and supercomputers, office supplies, and office buildings. We have our own extensive program to award subcontracts to American small businesses.