ORNL Contracts Division Staff & Assignments

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Brooks Baldwin, Division Director
Teresa Hatmaker, Sr. Administrative Assistant


Biological & Environmental Systems Science/Energy Science & Technology/Physical Sciences/Isotope Science & Engineering

Clint Rash, Manager
Christy Forrester
Amina Khaliq
Tina Moody
Beth Schilling


 Commercial & Construction

Landon Hill, Manager
Mark Bryan
Terri Cleveland
Roy Etheridge
Michael Finch
Jace Haun
Jennifer Hubbs
Morgan Selecman
Angela Shillings
Ray Turowski
Chad Wilson


Computing & Computational Sciences/Exascale Computing Project/ National Security Sciences

William Besancenez, Manager
Darrell Arrington
Jo Ann Fitzpatrick
Eva Rather
Wendy Shannon**
Georgia Stone
Lynn Taylor


Contracts Compliance

Kathrine Higley, Manager
Sue Burchfield
Janice Crippen
Rachel Hunt
Ariell Johnson**
Julia Tanes


Contracts Closeout

Kathrine Higley, Manager
Jana McCarty
Mark Ruth
Angie Smythe
Robin Watkins


Neutron Sciences

Markus Camfield, Manager
Jared Bowlus
Stacey Johnson
Liz Lynch


 Rapid Purchase Support

Justin Keck, Manager
Mckenzi Baz
Tawana Brown**
Kristi Chamberlain*
Sally Evans
Amanda Hill
Jason Kirk
Natalie Merriman*
Christopher Shell**


Real Estate/University of Tennessee/Memorandum Purchase Order/Joint Faculty Agreement

Ellen Reeves, Manager
Amy Campbell
Kelli Coker
Tesa Hinton
Melissa Smith


Second Target Station Project

Nick Perry, Manager
Monika Doherty
Bo Pebley
Barbara Shaw


Strategic Projects Program Office

Leslie SmithManager
Jarrod Blue
Andrea Bowers
Megan Dailey
Sarah Garcia
Gina Noto
Trish Pair
Mark Reeves
Carol Rice


Strategy & Performance

Cassandra McGee StuartManager
Rian Lewis
Sydney Virgen


U.S. ITER/Fusion & Fission Energy & Science

Lisa Cobb, Manager
Mitzi Bailey**
Bethany Kalous
Dustin Mackey
Derek Miller
Justin Price
Mack Stanley


*OAS Employee