ORNL Supplier Portal

  • Supplier Database:
    • ORNL uses SAM.gov (beta.sam.gov is transitioning to SAM.gov) as a sourcing tool and expects all suppliers to be registered in SAM.gov. If you wish to do business with ORNL, please register in SAM.gov. If you are identified as a participant in a sourcing event or for an award, ORNL will initiate a supplier request to collect some basic data about your company.  Once the supplier request is reviewed and approved, you will receive a detailed registration request from ORNL.
    • Supplier Database Guidance
    • Supplier Ariba Quick Reference Guide

The submission of any supplier data does not commit ORNL to pay for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of the data, or commit us to award any subcontract to you, or incur any other financial obligation on our part.